Departure Thailand
  1. Confirm Your Ticket.
  2. Check terminal of the airport that you departure.
  3. You have to pay 500 B.- (Thai money only) for airport tax.
  4. Custom notice.

Export of Antiques and Objects of art from Thailand

  1. Buddha images, Bodhisattva images or fragments forbidden to be taken out of Thailand (With the exceptions only for worshipping by Buddhists; or cultural exchanges; or studying purposed. A license must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts.)
  2. A license must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts in order that such objects of antiquity or objects of art, irrespective of whether they are originals or reproductions, may be taken out of the country.
  3. Procedure for license application:
  1. Photography the front view of objects and make two postcard sized prints (not more than 5 pieces in one photograph).
  2. The passport of the applicant must be photocopied.
  3. Objects together with photographs and applicant’s passport with photocopy must be taken to :
  1. The National Museum, Bangkok
  2. The Chiang Mai National Museum, Chiang Mai

The Songkhla National Museum, Songlkhla at least five to three days before the date of shipment of departure of the applicant in order to process the application and for inspection.

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