Lampang Famous for its horse-drawn carriages and with a rooster as its provincial emblem, Lampang boasts a long history of human settlements on the Wang River basin, some of which dating back too more than 1,000 years. It is rich in archaeological evidence.

Hand-made Cotton comes in different patterns designed by different villages. Within Muang district are several weaving mills and shops specializing in cotton materials. Woodcarving is a major industry at Tambon Na Khrua of Mae Tha district, which is about 25 kilometers from the provincial town. Most of the local people make their living by producing wooden figures of animals in various sizes. It is a cottage industry of the locality for generations Terra cotta or Ceramics produced in Lampang are of the best quality in Thailand. The indigenous with clay, added by the local craftsmanship, has helped to make Lampang the center of such products, with scores of factories and shops dealing in this beautiful craft. The Sa Paper is fine product made from a type of softwood. The process is purely traditional and the major producing center is the village of Ban NamThong. The Sa is mainly made into para slols, lampshades, decorative flowers and other souvenir items.

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